Texas A&M Aggies Football Game

Gig’ em, Aggies!

Whoop, Go Aggies, BTHO Auburn~~!!!!! (More yells? Hop on over to TAMU Yells)

No. 7 Texas A&M Aggies vs. No. 24 Auburn Tigers

I’ve made a survey according to the Americans, the average age for their first football game is around 15 years old for girls, as for boys, it could be much younger! So, today I’m just a 15 year-old girl attending my very first football game, No. 7 Texas A&M Aggies vs. No. 24 Auburn Tigers, though I’ve watched few on TV before!!!

Football was a totally fresh sport for me, before I came to the States, I thought it’s a weird and violent sport and couldn’t understand why they like to stack people. But because of #2 Johnny Manziel, who won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman, more and more people around me started to discuss the football and drew my attention. So, I started to learn the rules by watching more and more games on TV, though most of time I still can’t understand where flags come! But we cheered and yelled when our team got benefit, ha! Several nice pictures of Johnny Manziel showed here (Photo Courtesy of Texas A&M):

Because of Johnny’s joining, the national rankings of Texas A&M Aggies elevated up from nowhere to top 7, it’s a really amazing progress within one year! His fans even give him a name called “Johnny Football” with registered trademark, I have to say I’m not really comfortable about this nickname, cause it kind of ignores others effort, though I know there’s always a character like this in each team, including the basketball! Hey, please don’t misunderstand me, even though I have some doubts on this, it doesn’t mean I against this, since I’m also his little fan though. I do know how big influence these heroes make on our daily lives and support our believes for success, just like singers, lyrics, dramas, poetry and movies. Also because of these guys, they attract more people to be evolved in the sport and make more profits to earn a team’s life, that’s quite real and reasonable. But sometimes this early-reputation makes people failed, I just wish he could go forward, bring us more fabulous games instead of just a historical super star!

tamu足球賽門票Unfortunately, he decided to go National Football League (NFL) next year, good luck to him! So, even though my proposal is on fire, I still make my mind to walk into the Kyle Field today! If play hard comes with study hard (vice versa? Hmmm), then maybe play harder also comes study harder, ha!! Mom always says “never say I’m too busy to do something, because you should be able to manage your time, if you decided this way, who should you blame on?” That’s true! I guess I can manage my time properly, but still not good and efficient enough! But I do believe, with some entertainment or connection to others in your life, it does increase your working efficiency, at least it works on me!



So, how’s my experience today? It’s FABULOUS~~!!!

80,000 more Aggies supporters and our handsome Reveille VIII are gathering in Kyle Field for them. Though we lost this game, Auburn 45 vs. Texas A&M 41, hey guys, you’re really awesome!!! It’s a nice game!

During the whole game, we didn’t sit down for almost 4 hours, and it’s amazing, because we didn’t feel tired at all. We yelled for them and cheered by them. Especially the last five minutes, it’s really in a very nervous situation, and could be decided who will win the game. No matter how many noises we made, the Auburn still got their final 7 points, it’s really disappointed us, cause we got 1.5 minutes left for the final attack, and we needed one more touch down to win the game. Though we failed, I still have to say, we’re really good, we’re almost in front of their door, just not in a good luck though. What a game!!

Additionally, we just sat behind the band today, the view was really GREAT and you might imagine how energetic it was! The transportation for the game day is also in a nice management, cool. Compared to watch it on TV, it’s not that comfortable for sure, but I’m really inspired during the game! I’ll definitely miss this experience, what a nice game!! Lastly, I owed a big hug and kiss to Mario, who supported me and helped me get the tickets, love you  >.^

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