Is Author Profile important?

I would say, YES, it’s VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!


In this post, I’ll show you three different effects to add Author Profile just after “every” post!!! Showing who’s the boss, ha!

METHOD 1. Plain but Easy

If you just want to have a picture shows “You Are the Author“, it’s really easy. Just one click, see below.

Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard –> Layout –> Edit (inside Blog Posts column) –> Check “Show Author Profile Below Post” –> Save


And you’ll see your profile, name and description showed up!!

Note. the profile here may be your Blogger or Google+ profile, depends on which one did you set.


It’s also easy to switch your profile between Blogger and Google+.

Switch from Google+ Profile back to Blogger. 

  1. Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard –> Google+. At the right upper corner, you’ll see the setting icon, click the dropdown list, choose “Revert to Blogger ” –> Click
  2. Click “Switch to a Limited Blogger Profile”  

That’s it!!

Though Blogger Profile shows limited information, BUT you can change the name easily, and customize your name, description especially for each blog!Google+



If you want to bind everything together to your Google+ Account, then try this!!

Switch from Blogger Profile to Google+.

  1. Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard –> Google+ –> Get Start.
  2. Click “I’ve read…..” –>  “SWITCH NOW” 

That’s it!!



Then, you’ll see your Google+ Profile on your right upper corner now!

As I mentioned before, this method is really easy but also limited.

First, it’s a little bit too far from the end of every post. Worse, the location is fixed, you can tune the location of your comments, time stamp, labels, etc, BUT not the author profile. So, If you want more freedom and customize your profile styles for different blogs, try Method 2.


METHOD 2. Easy and Customized

I have 2 blogs, and I really want to have different contents inside my author profile. If you have the same concern with me, also you want to use your Google+ Profile, here is a way for you. Forget about the Blogger tools, let’s make our own images!

客製化作者資訊欄   客製化作者資訊欄
  1. Design a logo, contents also signature through any image editing app and save as a .png file. (Here, I use photoshop to design images. If you didn’t want to set your background color, go ahead to set background contents as transparent (see Customize Top Banner for more details) and save it as .png file.)
  2. Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard –> Template –> Edit HTML (See the blue circle on the right upper corner? Always backup your codes before you messed up!)


3. Search for <div class=’post-footer-line post-footer-line-1′> with (Ctrl + F) –> Under that line, copy and paste below codes –> Save

<img height=’74‘ src=’‘ style=’border: none; background: transparent;’/>


  1. You may have two “<div class=’post-footer-line post-footer-line-1′>” if you used the “Read More” tag. So, please insert this code after the second one!!
  2. Blue Color: change the number for suitable height
  3. Pink Color: replace with your Author Profile Image URL

And, Ta Dang, Here you go~!!!



METHOD 3. Powerful and Socialized

In this method, you can use whatever images, descriptions you desired , moreover, the social shared buttons!!!


Interested in this one? Please hop on over to Windroid Club for more details!!

If you got any questions please feel free to contact me!!


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