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So, easy two steps, you’ll have your signature automatically show up in every post after now and then.

  1. Design your own signature through any image editing app and save as a .png file. (For signature only is around 200×70 pix, here I use 200×200 pix for some decoration, you can also visit My Live Signature for some fancy signature!! Remember to set background contents as transparent (see Customize Top Banner for more details)).
  2. Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard –> Settings –> Posts and Comments –> Copy and past below code into “Post Template” –> Save


<br /><p><br /><img align=’right’ height=’80‘ alt=’post signature’ src=’‘ style=’border: none; background: transparent’/>


1. This code will show your signature on the right with no border designed!author-signature
2. The signature will only show up for the future posts, so try to create a new post instead of checking your old posts.
3. Blue Color: change the number for suitable
4. Pink Color: replace with your Signature Image URL (Here, I upload my author profile to Photobucket , and get the direct URL. See Author Profile Box Behind every post for more details.)

And, now you’ll see your signature on every new post! The good thing is you can change the position as you desired, it’s all depends on you! I put my signature in different position for different posts, just depends on the contents.

If you found you don’t like the shadow around your signature, that’s sad. Cause, we can remove the border by this tiny code, but not the shadow. So, if you really hate the shadow, we can fix that BUT it will effect all images inside your every post! After second thought, I decided to keep my shadow ^^”

Left: No shadow; Right: border; with Shadow & Border

If you want to remove the shadow, here’s a great post for you! It shows how to remove the border & shadow of the images inside the post. Please hop on over to Her & Nicole!!

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