Search Engine Optimization (SEO) shouldn’t be neglect if you managed your blog seriously.

There’re thousands of posts generated everyday, how could search engine find your new post at the first time? XML Sitemap helps!! Some blog systems come with sitemaps naturally, however, the default sitemap for Blogger will have only the 26 most recent posts.

Therefore, let’s generate a XML sitemap by ourselves. (Photo Courtesy of metroPUBLISHER)

XML sitemap

Blog is a place that I could murmur by myself. I’m the QUEEN here! BUT, every writer needs audience, so do I. Therefore, except for good, unique, controvertial, or interesting content of posts, you may also want to optimize your blog function for search engine, ex Google, Bing, etc. Meaning, you may want your posts to be “cached” efficiently by search engines.

Before we start, what do you think that how Google find your posts? 

Let’s try a simple example. Go ahead search a keyword in Wikipedia, and click every link inside that page. Again, go to those pages and do the same thing. Now you know how important to build links between your posts. And congratulations, you’re a professional spider for your search engine!

But, how if you just published a new post, and there’s not yet any link towards your post? Instead of waiting there, the better way is to set up your XML Sitemaps! By this way, we kind of expose our whole map of our blogs to search engine. Hooray!!! After that, they can always reach you through this map since you just provided your own navigator for them.

So, how it worked?

–> 2016/01/27 Good New! An easier way showed up and lasted forever for google search!

Just go submitting your sitemap to google webmaster as the following set up! –> Select the website you’re looking for –> Crawl –> Sitemaps –> Add/Test Sitemap –> fill “sitemap.xml” –> submit

And That’s it~!! 


Hope you guys enjoy it, and just forget the original, bothering settings!

If you want, you still can keep both though, since the “atom.xml” works faster! But I would suggest that just keep the first 500 one. Even your posts are more than 500, it still crawls the most recent 500 ones. And the “sitemap.xml” will help keep all of the posts indexed, just slower!  

Good luck ^O^

atom.xml set up!

1. Simply click ““, fill your Full URL (include http://) to generate your own XML Sitemap. Copy the codes.

2. Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard –> Settings –> Search Preference –> “Custom robots.txt” under Crawlers and Indexing –> Click Edit


3. Check “Yes” and Paste the codes you just copied. 

It’s almost done, but in case you’ll have more than 150 posts, we may need to increase the post numbers.

4. (Optional) Copy last two lines  and past as many times as you need. (increase extra 150 posts each time)



5. Save Changes.
And we’re done!!!! Now search engines will automatically discover your XML Sitemap and you don’t have to submit your new posts manually.

SEO is a brand new idea for me, and this is from my understanding, hope you all enjoy!!

PS. If your blog is a brand new, try to submit your URL to search engine first!! And, don’t forget to Add all your website versions!!!! – Make sure you add separate Search Console properties for all URL variations that your site supports, including https, http, www, and non-www.

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