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Welcome to the WordPress, 雖然我不是網頁專家, 但是, 超感謝網路上專家們的無私分享 & 我的資工好友們的大力相挺, 才讓我一點一滴慢慢的建構了自己的家!!

從一塊空白的畫布, 每天每天的灌溉, 慢慢的加進自己喜歡的元素才打造出來的園地, 是一個可以讓我盡情碎念, 記載Mario  和我的青春歲月 & 茉莉成長的小格子…

如果你也是網頁愛好者, 歡迎一起切戳討論啦~!! WordPress 功力慢慢慢慢龜速增進中…




那些 Blogger 的時代, 也記載著我的青春, 就先封存在這裡吧… 如果有需要 blogger 工具, 也可以往下看看喔 ^^

Blogger 美化網頁懶人包
Blogger 美化網頁懶人包

Thanks to the Blogger who has the broad-spreading and brilliant users all around the world! Therefore, there are so many GREAT codes for customizing your blog. I’m not a professional but I’m a true believer! So…

  • Are you a beginner to the blogger? 
  • Want a professional and customized blog?

Here are some nice tools for you!!Honestly speaking, I don’t understand any CSS, java,etc… But I am interested in personalized my blog. So, these are some of my collections for Blogger, they are really AWESOME tricks and codes. Again, HUGE THANKS to all the professionals.

If you have the same interests as me, give them a try! It’s not that hard though! Please see the following posts for more information!!!


Blogging Fun 未完待續…


現居德州, 致力於在平凡的生活中尋找不平凡, 在忙碌的生活中尋找只屬於我們的小幸福... 旅行。美食。生活。牽著手的三人行... 若無特別聲明, 本站所有文章皆為作者原創, 欲轉載請註明作者 & 文章出處, 請尊重智慧財產權, 謝謝~!!