I’m not a plants expert, on the contrary, I’m a plants idiot, said by Mom. But no matter how bad you are, planting some plants with you and one day you’ll find out how magic and strong the life provides. Moreover, they do surprise you sometimes, make you feel amazing, joyful or maybe confused but enrich your daily life.

Chili Plants

I planted these chili unconsciously. At first I’m just curious if I spray the chili seeds on my garden, will they grow up by themselves? Several weeks later, what a miracle it was, there were some small green leaves showed up, they started to grow up and became bigger and taller since April, 2013. Because they grew up so well, we planned to transplant some of them to a container and gave away the others. However, we even haven’t harvested the chili yet, the severe thunderstorm just arrived. I still remembered how scary that night was, normally I would not be bothered by the strong winds or heavy rain, but I was awoke by the presence of lightning and its acoustic effect on the Earth’s atmosphere. It was so strong and really terrified me like I haven’t know the thunder could be so horrible. Believe it or not, I even didn’t awake by the 921 earthquake in Taiwan, so you could imagine how incredible that night was.

When I woke up in the morning, I just astonished by the scene I’ve seen, my chili were severely damaged by the heavy rain. Then I told to myself, let’s put some faith in the plants’ strong living ability, maybe they would recover someday. Yesssssss! They’re awesome, see, just two days, they come back to vivid again!

Though I don’t know how to take care the plants, even don’t have some specific knowledge for planting plants, they do bring me lots of fun, and make me feel the precious of lives.

Talk about the weather in Texas, it is extremely weird this year! I still remember in 2011, my first year here, during the summer vacation, it’s not surprising to find the temperature shows over 100 degree F (38 degree C), also it seems like it’s hard to have rain, so I even don’t bring an umbrella with me. Because even it rains, it would stop raining within two hours. But it changed.

Also thanks to the low buildings here, the view of sky is so broad and gives me a happy mood everyday! The color of sky here can be light blue with white tasty clouds in the morning and shows some pink or purple color in the evening! And because of the high latitude, we enjoy longer day time! In the summer, we eat dinner when the sky is still bright, this confused me at the beginning, cause I usually feel hungry or tired after the sunset… But the sunset here is around 21:00 in the summer, even they applied the day-saving, what a long day, ha!
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