Life could go tougher and Tougher… Try to enjoy your small complement everyday!

PhD is a term which abbreviated as “Doctor of Philosophy” in most English-speaking country. Interestingly, the original meaning of “Philosophy” is from Greek which means “Love of Wisdom“. What a beautiful word!

My desk while writing my proposal!

I suddenly feel proud of myself, though I’m not the smartest one, I am still able to make myself hang in there, try to figure things out by the most stubborn way plus the strong and hopeful beliefs from somewhere. Difficulties are always there, complicated and frustrated. But several tips I learned from this is to face and simplify it, believe me, the more you run  from a problem, the more it will chase you! Try to make your daily goal smaller, and enjoy the joyful for your complement in the end of the day!

The following photos are the cartoons from a card I bought to Jing for celebrating her graduation with a Master Degree. She is a Chinese girl in my lab who completes me and frustrates me…. but still I love her. And the cartoons shown below just accurately depict how we went through this! Agree with me?


I’m not sure what are most PhD students suffering, but for me, it’s never easy. Find a topic from the area you’re not familiar with, catch up points as well as understand why and how they discuss this phenomena, give your own criticisms and feedback. That’s it? Of course not, remember, it’s a 4-5 years of life, it’s not just a semester’s long! So, where’s you passion?

When I was a 1-year PhD student, I was happy though I had endless homework, quiz, midterms, reports and presentations for my core courses. I knew I just needed to finish them on time also no matter how good or bad it turned out, it would finally go to the end no longer than 4 months.

When I was a 2-year PhD student, I started to take selective courses which related to my research. That’s exciting and I felt like I was learning something useful every day. But the experiment progress was still in a snail pace, it was a lonely process though. I even needed to make up some background information or skills, before I was qualified to ask questions or sought for help. Okay, maybe I should say “much more” instead of “some”, since I hadn’t learned bio-related subjects in my college. But why I switched to bio-related lab? That’s another long story though, ha! There’s a moment, I tried to do nothing and just sat and waited for someone to gave me a hand. For sure, it turned out to be failed at all, no any progress in my research, but time just passed as usual. Actually, they were willing to help, but I needed to help myself first! I started to realize that I’m the only one who could rescue myself, even though I’m the Princess Peach, there’s no Mario for my research! And always remember, there’s no miracle in a real world, welcome to face this cruelness!

Now I’m a 3-year PhD student, I kind of feeling comfortable to communicate and understand more in this field, I just realize ppl in the same school year have done much more fantastic job than me. When I was celebrating my first tiny successful result, they were celebrating their first paper published. What a frustrated life huh! But I really appreciate my advisor who gives me large spaces and time to learn, always encourages me and most important is he always believes that I can do it. It’s amazingly awesome to have somebody, especially your boss, to support you in this way. I guess I must be the super lucky girl though!!!

Competence is necessary, but never care too much about others’ works, even though you’re far way behind, keep a faith to yourself, then you can do it! So, I’m just sooooo proud of myself, I’m just done my first proposal, started from zero!!! And happily to empty my desk in the office, hehehe, feeling awesome!!!


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Princess Peach

現居德州, 致力於在平凡的生活中尋找不平凡, 在忙碌的生活中尋找只屬於我們的小幸福…


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