Ideas for 19 Days Europe Babymoon Roadtrip (孕婦法國蜜月自助遊)

因為小寶貝比我預期的早來報到了, 只好忍痛取消了我們的肯亞行… (考量到安全 & 醫療的問題嚕) 但是, 想到之後會被困住的日子, 就跟 Mario 說, 無論如何, 這個旅遊一定要成行啊!!!

也於是…  噹噹噹, 孕婦的法國蜜月自助/自駕行 (Europe Babymoon Roadtrip) 就這麼誕生啦~!!
想跟我們一起遊法國, 那就快點進來看看吧  ^O^

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Ideas for 12 Days Winter US Southwest Road Trip (冬季環美西南 12 日遊)

Christmas 假期該往何處去呢? 歡迎參考我們精彩的 US Southwest Road Trip (冬季環美西南 12 日遊)

Besides some weather concerns, this was definitely a great trip! This is just an overview for all the contents related to this topic. Hope you all like it, enjoy ^^

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