Happy 30th to my Mario!

Happy Birthday to My Dearest Mario~~!!!!!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to my dear Mario,
Happy birthday to you, whoop~~!!!


In Taiwan, 30-year-old seems like a very important year for both men and women. After this year, you kind of a real grown-up adult. “At thirty, I had planted my feet firm upon the ground” – by Confucius.

But because of longer study years needed nowadays, 30 years just flied away unconsciously. I’m so glad I still get married before my 30th though ^^ So, being a fabulous wife, I decided to make something special and different but not cost too much money for celebrating this meaningful day for my dear him! But what’s that? It’s so hard, cause I got a crucial limitation – time. I couldn’t occupy him too much time, one hour may be the maximum, since he’s going to take his preliminary exam five days later.

I quickly searched it on-line and found quite cool ideas here – “13 Brilliant Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday“:

  1. Take a Road Trip to Somewhere You Never Thought You’d Want to Go –> Not a choice, since his time was limited…
  2. Try a New Restaurant Somewhere Not in Town –> Same here, not a choice though!
  3. Bake Your Own Cake –> I definitely can do this for him!!!
  4. Get a New Hairstyle –> Not a choice again, I’m his only barber here, ha! And I’m not yet an expert like that, hehe…
  5. Paint a Room in Your House a New Color –> Not allowed!
  6. Check Something off Your Bucket List –> Ha, no idea what’s inside his bucket…
  7. Instead of a Dinner Party, Throw a Brunch Party –> Not attracting!
  8. Write Those You Love The Most a Thank-you Letter –> I can’t do that for him though.
  9. Volunteer Somewhere Special to You –> Time was not allowed!
  10. Make a List of 5 Things You Want to Accomplish Or Change –> Ha, I definitely can write more than 5 things for him to change, however, it meaningless, hahaha.
  11. Ladies Only Weekend –> Men Only Weekend? Not his style…
  12. Photo Shoot –> Always do, and will definitely have one!
  13. 30 Wishes Come True –> Everyone hopes so ^++++++++^

To sum up, I decided to have a small group celebration for him, together with my card and a hand-made cake, sounds great?

A nice card was just a basic need, though I seldom got one from him. 🙁

To make a little bit difference, I made some home decorations for him, as the picture showed below! Great ??!! I’m quite proud of myself, cause I successfully kept this in secret. He didn’t know this until that afternoon, hehe!!

Hand-made Taro-Pudding-Fruit Birthday Cake (芋頭水果鮮奶油蛋糕)!!! This was really awesome! Not because of its taste, this was the type of birthday cake we’ve used to enjoy in our childhood!! What a meaningful cake!!! Of course, the flavor was also great!!!!

30歲生日卡片   30歲生日裝飾   30歲生日蛋糕


Finally, the big moment was coming (The funny thing was that the timing was decided by little Wesley. Needed to wait until he woke up from a nap, hahaha).

Before that moment, I’m proud to say that he didn’t sense any of these!! Whoop! Everything turned out to be perfect, “Happy Birthday” hanged nicely on the ceiling, the card was always okay, the cake was a great plus and it was awesome to have the Chen’s family!! Happy Birthday, my dearest Mario!!!

芋頭鮮奶油水果蛋糕   30歲生日


Did he move to tears? Come on, I guessed I was still too far away from there. He’s a real tough man, huh!! But I’ll never give up, let’s wait and see ^^

Last but not least, thanks for our good friends – Yen-Ju, Wei-Jen & little Wesley!!!!! You’re always welcome and wish you guys happy everyday! Thanks for coming for the celebration again, love you ^^


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