Having Trouble with Christmas Gifts? Try the Hand-Made Cookies!!

It’s Christmas – the greatest holiday in the US!!!

Are you ready for the holidays? Tired for the chocolate? Have you already had perfect Christmas gifts / plans for friends or family members? Not yet? Try the hand-made cookies for Christmas!!

Hand-made cookies for Merry Christmas!!!
Aren’t they fabulous?

Since most of residents here are not permanent residents, it’s hard to see Christmas decorations on the streets in our small town. But I still can sense this joyful moment from sweet Christmas gifts by my colleagues! Therefore, I was thinking to do something special and unique for return!! DonDon, I got a good idea – my hand-made Christmas Cookies!!!

See below, here showed five different and tasty cookies, highly recommend!!!!!

  • Italian Crisp Almond Cookies (Cantucci or Cantuccini, 義大利杏仁脆餅): (Lower left two plates of the picture) It’s also known as “Biscotti” – twice-baked cookies. I did both original and chocolaty flavor ones. It’s the cookie that I will definitely do it again! This hard and crunchy cookies made of healthy ingredients with wonderful almond flavor that pairs perfectly with coffee and hot chocolate. Taste so great and yummy!!!
  • Milk Rod Cookies (牛奶棒): (Lower right one of the picture) This was my first time and it showed okay for me. Creamy milk flavor was really surprised me though. Next time I’ll prefer a little bit thicker with shorter baking time ^^
  • Danish Butter Cookies (丹麥奶酥餅乾): (Upper right one of the picture) Mario’s favorite snack!! Also it brought us back to our childhood, the wedding cakes ^^ Therefore, I always love to recreate these delicious cookies we used to enjoy so much. Remember, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH DANISH BUTTER COOKIES – a buttery and crunchy texture. However, it’s sticky dough always annoyed me until I got my new toy – cookie press. It’s not that perfect as imagination, but it’s okay though!!
  • Coffee Pecan Cookies (咖啡核桃餅乾): (Upper middle one of the picture) It’s one of my favorite cookies. Similar with all butter cookies, they come with high calories!! So, make sure you’re not on your diet (detox) plan, ha. For this cookie, it’s also easy to make. What’s more, the dough can be preserved in a freezer for a certain time and bake whenever you want. How perfect it is!! You can also try a plain flavor one, you’ll like it!
  • Christmas Sugar Cookies (聖誕餅乾): (Upper left one of the picture) This is just a sugar cookie though. Compared to others, it was not that delicious – no way to both enjoy fun and flavors though! But, color and pattern them was really amusing, especially while tuning color pigments and designing the letters. Those letters, see below for more details, were chosen especially from my friends with the first letter of their first name! Hope they all love their words ^O^/

Ha, I’m soooo proud of myself though! I was busy all day for these five different types of cookies. Take a look, give them a try! They are not that difficult, and will be definitely suitable for most people. If you’re not confident in baking alone, make this as a Christmas program with family will also be a good idea! ^^

Good job, huh!! BTW, all these recipes can be found from Carol, who was a really expert in all kinds of food!!! Viva~~!!!!

Hope this idea – hand-made Christmas cookies, help!! Merry Christmas!!!

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