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I love Blogger, but is it possible that I could make my blogger more myself?

Can I design my own Favicon – a small icon showed on the address bar?

SURE, YOU CAN! Just easy 2 steps!

Customized Favicon

It’s a similar way to custimize both top banner and favicon. So, if you just succeeded in your top banner, then congrats, your customized favicon will be there soon! But, please keep in mind, this specific icon may only show up for the Firefox & chrome Browser user. So sad huh, I knew… If I knew there’s any way it can be showed in IE, I’ll announce it!!

This small icon should be something meaningful to your blog. It could be either one or two letters of your blog title, your name or a SIMPLE image which could stand your blog well. If you have the image, design on hand, let’s start!

Try these 2 easy steps!!

1. Design your own small icon (16×16 pix) through any image editing app and save as a .ico file.  
The difficulty here would be the .ico file. It’s an old format, but luckily there are a bunch of free converters online! So here, I still use photoshop to design my icon.

  • If you didn’t want to set your background color, go ahead to set background contents as transparent (see Customize Top Banner for more details) and save it as .png file.
  • If you would like to design your own background color, you can save your image by either .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp and .tif.

And then, I just use PRODRAW to convert my icon from .png to .ico. PRODRAW is a straight forward program, showed as followed. You just simply upload the image you desired, generate it – there’re several dimensions you can pick up! And that’s it!!! Go download it, also you can choose how sharpen you want, so sweet : )

1. Design your own small icon (16×16 pix) through any image editing app and save as a .ico file.


2. Navigate to your Blogger Dashboard –> Layout –> Favicon –> Edit –> Upload the .ico image from computer –> Save


You may not believe this, but Whoop, it’s done!!! Now you can go “View Blog”, and you’ll see there’s something different from your blog!


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